Constructed Variable: Detailing Index of Molecules

Detailing Index (Molecule Level)

We construct a detailing index for each molecule as IMS does not provide the detailing data in India. For the pre-regulation period, two industry experts with access to their company’s detailing information ranked the top 5 brands of each molecule based on the estimated position (page number) in the detailing booklet carried by the firm’s medical representatives. For instance, if brand X usually appears in the first 4 pages, then it is an indication that the firm gives high priority to that brand. Hence the detailing efforts for brand X is marked as high. Similarly, if the brand appears in the fifth to eighth pages of the detailing booklet, the detailing effort is marked as moderate and the rest are considered to have low detailing efforts. We consider this at the molecule level, as a firm typically does not show different SKUs of the same molecule in different pages. The interviews revealed that the usual practice is to showcase the specific brand of that molecule (with the different strengths and doses available, in some cases) to the physician. A detailing index was built using weighted averages of the scores (high, moderate or low efforts, with the brand’s market share as weights) for the top 5 brands of each of the molecules. Once we compute the detailing value of all molecules, we then normalized the same to range from 0 to 1, with higher values indicating higher detailing efforts for that molecule. 

Use the slider to select detailing index range and view frequencies.

Detailing Index Frequency
0.10 4
0.20 15
0.30 9
0.40 6
0.50 9
0.60 25
0.70 11
0.80 9
1.00 13